Angelo Fabiani was born and raised in the Italian town of Celenza (province Puglia). At the age of 12 he finally followed his family to Germany where his parents had already lived for several years. Since then he is at home in the North Rhine-Westphalian town of Hagen.

Despite initial difficulties concerning the new language, he quickly found access to new friends in and outside of school. Then he and his brother Nicola – who would later become his promoter – by chance met a guitar teacher who ventured to show them the first exercises on this beloved instrument.

Angelo Fabiani as a boyIt didn't take long until the first band was born. After school, they toured Germany, Italy and even the far north to Denmark. Angelo used his spare time for vocal training at the Conservatory of Münster, Germany.

A lot of new band projects were launched, until in the late 80s a German producer became aware of Angelo. A dream came true: The first own record! The single "Du hast noch viel Zeit" was released by TELDEC.

Angelo discovered his passion: Writing his own songs. "Canzone Italiana" was written and became a great success on the radio. With its real catchy tune it even briefly overtook Gianna Nannini and Eros Ramazzotti in some radio charts.

It was followed by "Cosa mi fai", "Arrivederci" and "Viva l'allegria", to name but a few. Angelo Fabiani became a permanent guest in German and European radio stations. But his music also attracted the attention of German and Italian TV stations. He was a guest at the TV station Hessischer Rundfunk and had the opportunity to present "Nel giardino della Vita", featured on his new CD "Aria Buona". In professional circles Angelo Fabiani is regarded as a 'sampler king' because his music is represented on Italian compilations like almost no other artist's.

Angelo Fabiani is passionately obsessed with music. His most current CDs "Raccontami di te" and "Aria Buona" got him firmly established as a singer and songwriter. His continuous development and refinement show that for him music is never to become commonplace. It can traverse boundaries, emotions and hopes are always newly discovered and reinvented. Interaction with the audience often inspires, offers suggestions and creates ideas.

These and many other aspects of music and its performance on stage in front of an audience are the very essence of Angelo's work. They are the reason for his close ties to music and composing - music became a vital part of his life. With music there are always new ways and approaches.

His entire family supports and encourages him in his work. Special thanks go to his wife Adriana, who is a constant listener – not just when it comes to music.

Who knows what would have happened to him, wouldn't his teacher have him sing "O Sole mio" in front of the fully assembled class ...?

This was his first small concert, and despite all the excitement of those days the then still self conscious and shy boy did indeed discover something that would affect his entire future life: his voice.